What Does Agile PPM Mean to the Modern PMO?

What Does Agile PPM Mean to the Modern PMO?

Webinar – On Demand

9:00 AM PST

Given that digital business require Agile PPM (bimodal IT), PMO leaders are challenged to adapt governance processes to cover new, agile Mode 2 efforts that are not from the same mold as “traditional” project management structures.  The requirement of successfully delivering projects using multiple delivery approaches side-by-side is not just a possibility, it is a high probability.  In this webinar, we will discuss topics such as:

  • How has Agile PPM (bimodal IT) impacted the PMO?
  • How are Agile PPM (bimodal IT) application projects different than traditional projects?
  • How should project management methods, strategies and techniques change to support digital PMO in bimodal IT organizations

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