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Connecting people, processes, things, and data across the company is the cornerstone of a digital business. It’s what enables organizations to discover unprecedented insights and deliver the experiences that delight; it’s ubiquitous collaboration. When everything is connected—from IT, services, marketing, and sales, through to the end customer—businesses are not only more agile and better informed, they are able to transform themselves and their relationships with customers.

Now you can connect distributed people and teams with an uber intranet-like experience that brings the business together for better collaboration and productivity. One Space organizes information to help your teams find the content that is relevant to them in one place without the need for prolonged searches and unnecessary frustration. Connecting people with information and digitizing your workplace brings unmatched productivity to today’s modern businesses. Apps, news, social streams, calendars, and more – a personalized digital experience packaged up and delivered through Tivitie’s One Space technology.



Increase adoption rates and shorten ramp up time by leveraging familiar Microsoft technology. 


Deliver a single UI and infrastructure across the enterprise so teams can find information easily and collaborate effectively from virtually anywhere. 


Get up and running quickly with little upfront cost, predictable monthly cost and flexible service plans. 


Gain insight into resources, projects and services, strategic alignment, and regulations in a single solution. 


Eliminate the risk of low usability due to high complexity or feature overload.   


Deliver a customer experience that truly represents the value of your services.  Save time and money with seamless workflow and centralization.


Get up and running quickly with preconfigured solutions for service teams that are relevant and proven for maximum productivity. 


Spend more time with customers and less time jumping from system to system.  All applications, services and company information, all in one place. 


Use the Microsoft solutions that is familiar, but add a UI that is intuitive and easy to use to increase usability and adoption.  


A Personalized Space for Every User

Organize and reveal real-time data and applications needed for every user and every role for the ultimate end user experience. One Space enables users to search less and solve more. Every tool you need to get your work done in one place including apps, action items, news and much, much more! Tivitie’s revolutionary One Space technology helps organizations:

  • Give users easy access to all their line of business applications so they have everything they need in one space.
  • Filter, share, and display data on live tiles based on a user’s role leveraging back-end data sources to deliver every app, link and relevant metric for their specific role.
  • Drive maximum productivity by bringing information to your users and eliminate the need for prolonged searches, unfriendly interfaces and disconnected system navigation.

Deliver Timely News, Blogs and Articles

We spend a considerable amount of our time every day making decisions that will impact our business.   In many cases, the decisions we make or don’t make can affect our vital energies such as sleep, determination and worry. Our working environment is not dormant, everyday things change; events happen that could impact our business or even our own well being. Information is a powerful thing, and we need that power to make decisions, harness risks, and drive transformational change. Tivitie’s Digital News capabilities help organizations:

  • Identify risks that could potentially cause a derailment or diversion from critical business objectives.
  • Be well informed of company and industry news that could influence decision-making or effect competitive advantage.
  • Drive knowledge share and workforce intelligence to empower employees and build your own colony of experts.
  • Remove the fear of the unknown and give your teams the information they need to be successful.

Get Social and Start Collaborating

Change is the new constant. Leverage a private social network that will help you and your teams stay on top of it all. Bring your teams together so you can have conversations, collaborate on files, and organize around projects to go further – faster. The world has gone social – so should your business. Tivitie’s Digital Workplace Social capabilities help organizations:

  • Leverage Yammer Groups to bring people, conversations, and data from different business apps all into one place.
  • Loop the relevant people into conversations to facilitate teamwork across the enterprise.
  • Invite external project members such as customers and vendors into Yammer conversations so they can provide input and access the information they need.
  • Use social streams to stay on top of work status or find updates to important projects.

Stay On Top of Meetings and Events

In addition to your inbox, your calendar is probably where you spend a significant amount of time scheduling meetings, sending updates and organizing your day.   It is a critical component to being productive and effectively managing your time. Tivitie’s Digital Workplace Calendar feature helps organizations:

  • Access personal and company events from virtually anywhere, anytime.
  • Create multiple calendars, link to other people’s calendars, and even share personal calendars with other people in your organization.
  • Leverage views that work best for you whether it is by Day, Week or Month.
  • See all important dates and meetings in one place including personal, company and work-related appointments, events and meetings.
  • Create multiple calendars to categorize and organize events by projects, people or focus.

Share and Access Documents from Anywhere

Empower teams to access the information they need from anywhere at anytime. With a simple interface, users will want to store all their documents in one place so they can easily search, organize and discover information whenever they need it. Tivitie’s Digital Workplace Document Management feature helps organizations:

  • Find the content that is most relevant to you whenever you need it.
  • Easily upload, download and organize documents to get access quickly without the need for prolonged searches.
  • Categorize documents by projects, document types, owners or file types to keep the information structured and easy to find.
  • Leverage version control so you always have the latest content at your fingertips and can refer back to prior versions if needed.
  • Automate processes to eliminate manual efforts through document workflow and approvals.

Find and Discover Coworkers with People Directory

Many times we need to track down people within our own organization, but we don’t even know who they are. Having a central place to lookup colleagues gives us the intuitive tools we need to find the right people at the right time. Tivitie’s Digital People Directory feature helps organizations:

  • Lookup people by role, location or skillset to locate the resources we need to get work done.
  • Find contact information for every employee to give us the insights we need to interact and connect with coworkers.
  • Empower your workforce to be creative and build a team of experts by extending the typical contact information to include talents, personal skills, hobbies, and fun facts.

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