Microsoft PPM Healthcare Case Study

25 Jul Microsoft PPM Healthcare Case Study

e+CancerCare is using Microsoft PPM to improve the accuracy of its project estimates and reduce the amount of time IT managers spend on administrative tasks.   e+CancerCare offers high-tech healthcare to patients in rural communities through a network of 12 outpatient cancer care clinics and 10 PET Imaging Centers. To streamline its frequent oncology software upgrades, it sought a project management system. e+CancerCare adopted Microsoft Project Online to gain cloud-based project management capabilities, avoiding the expense of purchasing and maintaining on-premises servers. Its project estimates are now more accurate, and IT managers spend less time on administrative tasks.

“With Project Online, e+CancerCare has reduced the variances of project durations by 29 percent.”
Matt Zaloba, IT Project Manager, e+CancerCare
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