Forrester TEI Study Reveals Project Online Delivers ROI of 301%

Forrester TEI Study Reveals Project Online Delivers ROI of 301%

Forrester recently performed a TEI study to understand the cost savings and business benefits of implementing Office 365 PPM – aka Project Online.  The following represents a financial summary of three-year risk-adjusted results.

ROI:  301% NPV per user:  $12,546 Payback period:  6.7 months Total benefits:  $8,359,959

Highlights from the report are included below:

Reduced project budget overruns by 5% with portfolio visibility of project health

The increased visibility of project performance by centralizing and standardizing the project portfolio was the greatest benefit realized by the participants in the study.  One of the participants stated “We’ve been able to see a dramatic reduction in the amount of time it takes us to resolve incidents when they happen.”

Increased project management performance and overall productivity by 14%

By reducing the administrative time required of Project Managers and improving communication with project stakeholders, significant productivity gains were realized by implementing Project Online.

Cost savings of $3,103,119 due to improved resource management

By implementing resource management, organizations saw an average increase of 14% in resource utilization.  A centralized resource pool & project portfolio drove a 13% reduction in project labor costs, in addition to a 16% reduction on the time it took to allocate resources to projects.  Because skillsets were better matched with project specific needs, teams found an increase in efficiency.

Cloud based SAAS PPM solution saved $162,000 annually

Organizations realized benefits by leveraging Office 365 synergies and reducing security & compliance concerns.  While all of the traditional benefits of moving to the cloud were key benefits to those customers interviewed, the ability to leverage synergies with Office 365 was an important benefit highlighted in the study.

Stronger alignment of the project portfolio to strategic objectives with a reduced portfolio budget size by 67%

According to the study, 75% of the participants saw better alignment of strategic priorities and projects after implementing Project Online.  This also directly impacts the project performance, as the having stakeholder buy in has a direct relationship to project performance.

Here are some comments captured from survey respondents when asked about other benefits and cost savings experienced with Office 365 PPM:


“Reduced implementation time”

“Simplicity of work”

“Improved benefits realization”

“Speed and consistency”

“Flexibility and responsiveness”

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